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27, 28 and 29 April 2021

Welcome to the careers fair!

Welcome to your PRE EVENT Resources

We're looking forward to going LIVE with the Which Way? Virtual Careers Fair, but until then, we thought it would be great to offer you some Career Resources and Links to get you thinking.

Download the documents below to gain an insight into the activities, live sessions and timings to make sure you can get the most from the event.

What can you access as part of the event? 


Your ticket will provide you with access to the full event over the three days. The event will include live sessions, as well as a range of resources available beforehand and on the event days.

Entry to the event is accessed using the link below and will gain you entry via an initial Code of Conduct and Survey. All data recorded on this page is securely stored and provides evaluations for the event on impact and outcomes. All data follows GDPR guidelines.