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STEM activity packs

Have you ever wanted to help your child understand Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (S.T.E.M.) better? Not sure what sort of activities to do that will help your child understand the world around us? Our team of amazing Education Communicators have put together a series of creative activities that you can work on with your child that demonstrates various aspects of STEM.

There are a range of activities, some will be experiments, some are documents with questions and answers and some are fun colouring in sheets and word searches, a whole range to suit a range of levels and skills - scroll down and explore which you'd like to try!

STEM at Halloween

Here are some of our favourite STEMperiments for you to try at home in a Halloween theme!

Chromatography Bats HALLOWEEN.jpg
conductive play dough HALLOWEEN.jpg
insulating play dough HALLOWEEN.jpg

Try our new online quizzes to test your STEM knowledge!

Quiz StemLogo.jpg

Maths Challenges

Money challenge 1

Using the part whole model, can you solve these maths problems in part 1?

Money challenge 2

Part 2 of our money maths challenges. Using what you learnt in part 1, can you solve these maths problems?

Money challenge 3

The final part of the using the part whole model includes both addition and subtraction and tougher maths problems to solve!

This worksheet will help you work out what money you will have left over after buying your favourite things.

Money challenge 4


Complete these simple maths problems to do with fractions!

Ideal for KS2 and up.

Word Searches, Crosswords & Puzzles



We've created a word search featuring all the options for renewable energy. Not only a great way to explore energy but also an opportunity for parents to have some quiet time!

Chemistry word search

For a little bit of downtime, explore chemistry and various elements in the word search.

word search

Help find all the mathematical words that have been scrambled in the word search. Plus try and have a go at the added bonus challenge!

food chains crossword

Try and solve this crossword puzzle associated with food chains. Use your knowledge from the worksheets in the Nature worksheets section.


Coding is often done by replacing letters with another, or making the text look differently. 
Crack the code and see if you can work out all of the countries you are visiting!

Nature Worksheets


life cycle

Read our story about

Colin the Caddisfly and find

out how he evolves.


His life cycle is fascinating and he works very hard to stay alive to complete his transformation.

Frog life cycle

We've create some real life videos of frog spawn and we'll watch as the tadpoles develop and hatch out.

Click the link below to watch the videos.


Scientists love to collect data, so when you're out and about getting some fresh air, why not take this bird watching guide with you and see how many different birds you can spot. Then sort it into a graph to compare with your fellow scientists!

Mini Beast Hotel

Discover the small world of insects when you create your own mini beast hotel and explore what kinds of insects visits their new home you made for them!

classification ks1

Classification or sorting, animals is an important part of understanding more about them!


Can you match these animals to their diet group?

classification ks2

Animals can be organised by more than what they eat!


The main groups of animals are mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

classification ks4

Taxonomy is the science of organising and naming organisms, there are billions of different types of organism on the planet, so it’s a very big job! Take a look at how taxonomists organise animals using a Red Fox as an example.

food chain

Food chains are a way of showing how energy moves from one organism to another.


Every living creature needs energy in order to live.


Discover the importance of where you place your plants in the house to help make them grow whilst enhancing your observation skills by making your own plant diary!


Learn more about cells and create a simple experiment to discover all about cells and the process of dividing.

STEM Experiments

milk kaleidoscope

An activity that explores the nature of molecules while making a spectacular colour display!

Static salt
and pepper

It's time to play with your food! This simple experiment demonstrates the nature of static, electrons and the way a charge can be built up as well as lost. Who knew salt and pepper was such fun!

Static butterflies

A project to really get creative with, as well as learn about static, electrons and charge. Have fun by decorating your butterfly to create a fluttery masterpiece!

water cycle

Learn about the natural process of condensation and evaporation with this creative experiment that involves making your own miniature water cycle!


In this worksheet, we'll create groovy lava bottles and learn about water and oil molecules by seeing them in action in a fantastic bubbly display!


Teach your young children why soap is very important when washing their hands to get rid of germs. This simple experiment will amaze them!

inheritance smarties

Learn about how different characteristics get passed down in each generation to help you understand how DNA works.

Chromatography butterflies

Make beautifully coloured butterflies using a laboratory technique known as 'Chromatography'. This technique is used to separate mixtures of coloured compunds...

Clouds in

a jar

Learn about cloud formation by creating your own little atmosphere. With a few simple items from around the home, you'll see clouds form - make sure to record and share your results with your fellow scientists.


This is work sheet 1 of 3 where some adult supervision is adviced for younger children. In this first one you'll create a conductive play dough, an insulating play dough and then create circuits using these 2 items.

insulating PLAY DOUGH

This is work sheet 2 of 3. It follows on from conductive play dough, to create insulating play dough. All will be revealed in the next worksheet.

play dough circuits

In this last one, you'll require a battery pack and an LED, so you can experiment with the properties of the 2 doughs created in the previous 2 worksheets. When these have been explored, get creative by making something that can use the lights!

Colouring-in activities                              

Colour in

our robot

Here's a chance to get creative and colour in our robot, either use the colours we use or create your own, it's up to you!

engineer robot

While you colour in the engineer robot, think about engineering jobs and the tools they might use.


Our robot Akito, would like a colourful lab coat, maybe you could help?

Robot workshops

Here's a challenge to see how much you know of Learn by Design.

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to learn if you go it right!

Farmer robot

Give our robot farmer some brightly coloured dungarees and draw what kind of animal you would look after if you had a farm.

CHEF Robot

Our robot loves to cook! Give them a colourful chef's uniform and draw your favourite meal you would like them to cook for you!

pilot robot

"This is your captain speaking: Please give our robot a uniform to be proud of wearing before they take off!"

sporty robot

Our robot is missing their football before their big game! Maybe you could draw one for them?

robot puppet

This project gives you the opportunity to colour in, cut out and construct a robot. Use the parts to construct our robot Akito, or make your own!

Frog life cycle


We've made a little video to show the frog life cycle. Watch the start of a journey following the frog spawn as it develops over the coming weeks. The first video is an introduction and we'll keep you up to date as it changes.

Watch the video below to see an update of the frogspawn from the 28th March - 31st March

1st April - 3rd April - the tadpoles are starting to move

We go into schools to bring education to life with inspiring workshops.

Schools can book workshops with us, where our talented Education Communicators can expand on the information found in these activities.

School information

If you'd like us to get in touch with your school, letting them know about all the great workshops we can offer, please get in touch with their contact details.

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