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About Us


"To help young people achieve and sustain better lives"

Learn by Design are a dynamic and committed team with a business and educational background. We work on behalf of schools, corporate and public sector clients to provide quality, value for money, educational products and services to inspire future generations.

We work to the highest educational standards; complementing existing learning in schools across the UK every year. Our interactive and engaging workshops range from individual activity days to enterprise education and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) curriculum areas.

We help clients in both the public and private sector build positive relationships within the education sector and enhance brand reputation in the community.



  • Proven experience delivering projects for young people

  • Dynamic team with business and educational expertise

  • Tailored approach using a range of creative and innovative methods

  • Ability to translate business need into educational product



Why us?

"Our reputational uniqueness is as a high quality, trusted and cost effective delivery partner for all types of young person programmes and engagements." - Geoff Parsons, Executive Chairman

We succeed in this because of our company values.

Our staff...

...are Committed: We will do what we say, and will always aim to delight our customers and clients, whatever it takes. 

...are Capable: Competent, qualified and conscious of our responsibilities, we provide the reassurance of a trusted friend and partner, providing reputational confidence to our many clients and a sense of wellbeing/security to our customers. 

...are Curious: Knowledgeable and creative, our curiosity allows us to bring a broader, more innovative range of solutions to any client need. 

...are Confident: Courageous and empowered throughout the organisation, our staff will aim for excellence but will be quick to acknowledge mistakes and quicker to work to correct them. 

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